The UK’s best accountancy practices

The-UKs-best-accountancy-practicessmallThis is a book is about excellence in the accountancy profession that has been described as:

  • “Invaluable” by David Maister
  • “Breathtakingly refreshing” by Paul Dunn
  • “Inspiring” by Ron Baker
  • “Brilliant” by ICAEW President elect Mark Spofforth FCA, and
  • “The most practical and personally beneficial business book I have ever read" by Andrew Rhodes FCA, Managing Partner of The Accountancy Age Medium Size Firm of The Year, Sobell Rhodes

Why all the fuss?

The book contains dozens of case studies revealing exactly what real UK accountancy practices have done in the last few years, and are still doing today, to generate better results for their clients, their communities and themselves.

The firms featured have been extraordinarily candid, open and detailed in their descriptions of what makes them so successful. For example, they reveal in precise detail how they have:

  • Saved clients an extra £7.6 million in tax
  • Helped save over a hundred local jobs
  • Won countless business awards
  • Doubled their turnover
  • Eliminated debtors
  • Earned annual profits in excess of £250,000 per partner
  • Transformed their life-work balance so that they work standard office hours, don’t work on Friday afternoons or weekends, and take 10 weeks holiday a year an, in the case of a start-up in 2006, built a client base worth over £800,000 with average fees of £5,600 per client
  • And all of this in the face of the worst recession for over 50 years.

This book will show you how you can achieve the same sort of results for you and your clients.

Five extra bonuses

When you buy the book through this website you will also receive all of the following:

  1. A big discount off the RRP
  2. A personally signed copy
  3. A diagnostic tool to help you to evaluate your firm in the light of the content of this book, identify your real strengths and weaknesses, and decide where to focus your efforts
  4. An action planning tool – Following on from the diagnostic tool, this contains a complete system for formulating and prioritising an action plan that will get you results
  5. A VIP guest invitation to at least one seminar Steve is running based on the issues in the book (UK readers only)

In addition, for every copy you buy a child in Africa will receive clean drinking water for life, in your name but at Steve Pipe’s expense, through his partnership with Buy1Give1.

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